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Know the importance of Residential Property Valuation

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The residential property includes the dwellings, condominiums, penthouses, flats and property that is used for residential purpose. The valuation of the residential property is required at the time of – buying, selling, renting, to settle any legal issue, in case of home loan and taxes, to know the insurance amount, to resolve the property disputes one should know the actual market value of the property.

For this hire a property valuer to know the actual market value of the property. As the value estimated by the property valuer is considered as authentic and reliable by the government. Because property valuers Adelaide is the qualified and registered professionals who understand the market and know what is required in property valuation. They too provide the property valuation report after the completion of the property valuation process.

What is residential property valuation report?
The report contains the detailed analysis of the subject property. Home valuer mention owner’s general information, property information, the comparables used, calculations made, colored pictures of the property which gives the complete information of the property in the single report. A report is used in resolving many legal issues.

What is residential property valuation report contains?

– Residential Property valuation report includes –
– Address and type of subject property
– Geographical Location and council zoning
– Name and general information of the owner
– A brief description of the subject property premises.
– Features and advantages of the property.
– Improvements required in the property.
– Information about locality and neighbourhood.
– Quality of building material used.
– Presentation and condition of the building.
– Details about the comparables.
– Adjustments made via calculations and the estimated value of the property.
– Coloured photographs of the subject property.

Why is residential valuation important?
To know the exact market value of the property, the property valuation is must. The property valuation figure of the subject property helps to decide the buying or selling price. The right valuation done by the right property valuer is required to resolve the legal issues, matrimonial or family disputes which are associated with the property.

The banks and the lenders ask for property valuations because on the behalf of this they grant the loan amount. Also home tax amounts, insurance policy installments all gets decided on the basis of the property value. Thus the residential property valuation is required.

Do we have to pay property valuation fees to the property valuer?
Yes, the property valuers are the qualified professionals they charge the amount that is required for their services. It is an investment we make to save to hundreds and thousands of dollars. The suggestions given by the property valuer related to the property helps the owner to sell the property at the right price, at right time.

Remember the valuers don’t cost much for their services moreover it depends upon the detailed valuation required to the client, size and location of the subject property. And above all with the mutual understanding, they decide the property valuation cost.

To get the accurate property valuation services by the qualified property valuer you can contact us. Our expert residential property valuers are happy to solve your queries related to the property valuation.