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Features a ‘good bones home’ carries, and why you should have such home

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Having a ‘good bones home’ is everyone’s desire. Good bones home means a home which is well planned and works well for the people who live there. Believe it or not, but a good home depends upon so many factors like – a home with solid floor plan and layout, sufficient natural light, appropriate rooms size and ventilation, appealing landscaping and more. You can take help from home valuer to find “good bones home”.

Here we are the features which make a home with good bones –

Sound structure – A home with a right floor plan, structural zoning, use of high-quality building material is considered as the Good bones home. Solid foundation and sound structure makes the home more appropriate for living. The home with sufficient a living space and appropriate space between the two room common rooms and bedrooms makes the house a nicer place to live in and thus it comes under a ‘good bones home’.

Natural air and sunlight – A home with plenty of natural light and air indicate the home has good bones. Living in a dark and dreary space is scary and not liked by anyone. The sufficient natural light saves the electricity too thus you can save on your energy bills. An open airy ambiance room with an oversized windows make it a good bones home.

Spacious rooms – One can add some square footage onto the home to increase its size. But it’s next to impossible to add the area to individual rooms. So the good bones homes are the one which holds spacious rooms with high ceilings and large windows.

Prime location – The foremost thing that matters in the home is – it’s location. You can change many things, renovate your home completely but unfortunately not the location. So the home in prime location, or in the city area with right plot size and with ideal neighborhood has good bones.

Minor renovations – The home with sturdy floors, roof, and structure with solid foundation makes good bones home. The home with minor renovations done with little efforts make the home beautiful and attractive makes it a good bones home.

Extra space – A home with extra room, a storage space, large garage with patio and lawn it makes the life of residents more comfortable and convenient. You can claim this kind of home as a “Good bones home”.

Proper plumbing – If the home pipelines are in good condition, shape and well maintained, Proper sewage lines and working faucets and shower then you can be sure the home has really good bones.

These are the few prime features of the ‘good bones home’. If you are planning to buy a home then you should hire a home valuer who can evaluate the right value of the home via best home valuation services and also help you to find the home with ‘Good bones’.