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Do it yourself tips to spruce up your home

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Home improvement and maintenance is an essential task whether you are living in the home as an owner or you are planning to sell it out. Selling home is the most daunting task. But you can easily increase the value of your old shabby home and give it a completely new look that too in low amount and the best thing is you don’t need to hire an expert for this. You can easily do it yourself to spruce up your home. You can hire a property valuer for best property valuation services.

Here we are sharing the tips you should read and apply to make your home attractive and beautiful to sell it fast –

Keep the kitchen clean – Kitchen is the king of the home. The place where family members can eat, talk and sit together. Make sure to clean your sink, top of the platform and ceiling along with the floor. Paint your kitchen cabinets, it can give an all-new look to your kitchen. You can stick the film of stainless steel on the refrigerator to give it a new branded look. You can tile a mosaic backsplash for an attractive kitchen. You can add a sliding wall for more storage and classy look.

Add life to your Living room – If you know any art you can convert the plain wall of your living space into the colorful designer wall. Or else you can add shelves on it to store the books, articles and can make it beautiful. Replacing the old curtains with the new one can dramatically change the look of your living room. Painting walls with light colors do wonders.

Broom the backyard – What if your backyard is at the back? Don’t forget it, broom it, bring the bright colors to it. Add colorful furniture to make your patio more alluring and attractive. Hang a swing in the backyard to enjoy with family in the spare time. You can color your old wooden chairs and keep it in the backyard space instead of discarding it.

Paint your Floor – If you are creative enough you can decorate the floor by painting, coloring, adding designs to make it look beautiful, it’s a fantastic idea. Add hardwood floor is a great way to give an all-new stylish look and make it durable and stain free.

Groom the green garden – Garden is an exterior part of the home which puts the first impression on the buyers. We human beings are nature lovers so keeping garden up-to-date by removing dead leaves, adding mulch, planting new flowery plants, adding a fence or coloring the old fence of the garden to give it a more privacy and appealing look.

Bolster your Bathroom – After kitchen the second important place in the home which buyers are the bathroom. This does it yourself techniques can really effective in turning your grubby bathroom into a classy one. Replace the sink, tabs, toilets, and floor can cost you much and that you can’t do yourself. You can paint the floor, tiles, and resurface the bathroom which productively converts old into a new one.

Mirrors magic If your home is small and you want to give it a big look you can add mirrors into the hallway, passage, at the entrance it will serve both the purpose – will make your home feel big and can use as a decorative purpose too.

These are the DIY tricks to decorate your home. Property valuers can help you in finding the right worth of your home. For best property valuation services contact us.